Friday, 23 February 2007

4:8 Create a new world order based on your supremacy.

Since the message here is absolutely central, it is worth repeating and expanding on what you have to do. To encourage you, we can remind you of how much you have already achieved towards destroying the unsatisfactory state of affairs which had developed by the end of the last millenium.

For a time after the Second World War your predecessors seemed to cede the right of pre-emptive strike to that ineffectual body, the United Nations. For fifty years a new principle seemed to be gaining ground that the sovereignty of a nation state could not legally be infringed without authorization of the Security Council of the United Nations.

This appeared to reverse a dog-eat-dog, fear-filled, history that had lasted for ten thousand years since the start of settled civilizations. For the first time, the world seemed to have agreed to play by universal rules which made people moderately safe from sudden attack. In fact, what you know, was that it shackled the major players like yourself. It bound you to a system of international law that gave power to the weaker nations as well. It protected them against your arbitrary will. The Darwinian imperative of the survival of the fittest was suspended.

This was clearly not in your self-interest and it hampered you in the great war against terror. It might have been useful in the Cold War, when two sets of players could have easily triggered off the annihilation of the human race. But once that was over, it could be and should be abandoned. It was particularly important to abandon it since some of the very countries which were themselves filled with dangerous subversives and critics of your glorious capitalist and democratic way were on that very United Nations which bound you.

So you are pleased to see that in invading Iraq without United Nations authorization you have shattered irretrievably that unfortunate chance for international peace. The head of the U.N. may accuse you of waging an illegal war. He may be technically right under the old rules to which you signed up. But why should you care? You have your retained lawyers and experts who can challenge him (even if they cannot give their reasons), and anyway what can he and the others do? You have the power and the weapons. If you withdraw from the U.N. it will be nothing. If you want to scrap the whole post Second World War settlement and the apparent false dawn that raised peoples hopes after the fall of the last ‘Empire of Evil’ collapsed, why shouldn’t you?

It is true that many people falsely assumed that with the collapse of communism the War was over. They did not realize that the War is everlasting, that the Evil One has just shifted his strategy. Having failed to topple your world with the vile teachings of Karl Marx, He has found a new set of operatives. They are even more dangerous since they work in secret and inside your nations as well as across the border.

This change of the Evil One’s strategy happened in the past. In the thirteenth century you fought nice clean wars. There was Us (Christendom) and them (the infidel followers of Mohammed). Our crusades took our wars to them and finally, with the expulsion of the Moors from Spain, Europe was cleansed of these infidels and their false, but open, threat was diminished. Then the Devil reverted to his secret attack through witches, enemies within as well as without, and you faced something even more dangerous. So be warned, it has happened before.

The fanaticism of your current enemies is equal to that of the witches who renounced all that was good and entered into a pact to destroy our civilization, come what may. The rabid belief that they are fighting for a worthwhile cause for which they are prepared to die in martyrdom is evident and is further proof of their insanity and enthusiasm. As far as you know none of you who send your troops to fight the Evil threat has ever been foolhardy enough to actually put yourself in any danger. You have never personally witnessed the horror of war and have by all sensible means avoided that unpleasant activity.

This is wise since you are too valuable to be in the front line. This does not, of course, prevent you from putting on a uniform and parading and giving speeches well away from the action, which is good for your image. As was said of that great leader, the Duke of Plazatoro, ‘He led his regiment from behind, he found it less exciting’.

So, to conclude, here are a few of the political tools. Self-interest first (your own and the nations, which blessedly coincide); distrust and deceit both towards your own populations, your allies and of course your enemies. This is how the glorious war you are fighting must and will be fought. May Christ be with you as He was with your predecessors in earlier Crusades against Evil.

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