Saturday, 3 March 2007

5:7 To know everything is to be fore-armed against Evil.

So all we are suggesting is that as the threat from those who wish to subvert your liberties and freedoms increase, the terrorists who are threatening us from every corner, so you have to arm yourselves. Be prepared with prior information. After the attack, it will be too late. Pick up the patterns, the suspicious behaviour, the potential threats so that you can interrogate those involved. The more ways in which you can penetrate the web of deceit that is being woven round us, the better.

Hopefully you yourselves will never be caught up in those webs of corruption and you will have to trust that whose who have access to all this information will be honourable. You cannot afford, at the moment, to worry as to how long this material is held, whether it is regularly checked for errors, how a person knows what is being held on them. States in times of war have to be realistic.

All this electronic and other surveillance is far more efficient and encompassing than the crude methods of spies and intercepted letters we had available when we were advising the Inquisition. You are indeed fortunate. Make use of your new opportunities. And if you ever have any doubts, remember that God sees into your innermost hearts and thoughts. Nothing is hidden from Him.

As His stewards and ministers here on earth, you have the responsibility and the mandate to do the same thing. Not to know everything would be sacrilegious. It is His will. Nothing should be hidden from you. All should be open, for those with nothing to hide will have no fear. As for the files themselves, the only other person who will know of their contents will be the Lord himself – and he knows their contents already. If knowledge is power, complete knowledge is complete power. You will have become, with due humility we hope, as God is to His people.


Gabriel Andrade said...

It never occurred to me that God's omniscience could be a totalitarian idea, but it makes perfect sense: because God knows everything, sometimes we may be entitled to watch your most private activities.

Gabriel Andrade said...

This brings me back to think about confession as a sacrament. Luther, Clavin et al figure out as great champions of individualism, precisely because of their view that, even if God is omniscient, ONLY He knows people's secrets. No need for confessors.