Monday, 1 January 2007

1:3 How to deal with criticisms of your war

Another reason we write is that it seems to us that you need to be armed more explicitly against the arguments of doubters and critics. Remember that you are facing the Evil One himself, who is behind the terrorist plots on earth. He is ever seeking to pollute and corrupt human minds and especially those misguided minds of certain Professors, Lawyers and other so-called human rights and civil liberties groups who will, among other things, try to obtain copies of this secret Manual if they hear of its existence.

Satan will feed these critics with plausible criticisms of your Godly work and these, if unrefuted, may stir up resistance in the Gadarene swine whom you lead. We ourselves encountered this in our work in Germany where many doubters objected – until the Holy Innocent VIII armed us with his papal bull and condemned them as heretics. Things are not as easy for you, as yet, so you need to have considered all the possible objections to your work and have rebuttals ready. We provided a few for the authorities in our Hammer of Evil, and we will do this for you in two special chapters of factual ‘question and answer’ (FQA) advice so that you are well prepared to counter the insidious claims of your critics.

We should also warn you that Satan is not above tempting you, yourselves. There will be moments when you doubt. When you see young children screaming in pain in the hospitals of an infidel country you have bombed to rid our world of Evil, or hear that some of your soldiers have tortured prisoners in ways that exceed your orders, or watch beautiful objects, buildings and priceless writings smashed and burnt, you may falter. When you hesitate and wonder about the cost, we can encourage and console you.

We ourselves in the witchcraft prosecutions heard the screams of fair young maidens and children on the wrack or as they were being burnt alive protesting their innocence. We also had our momentary doubts. Yet we fortified ourselves in Christ. We shall advise you how to keep resolute, how to make a realistic estimate of the relations between the glorious Ends and the often painful means. And we shall remind you that as Christ was reviled and scorned in his time, yet suffered in his cause, your rewards will not only be on this earth (as we believe will also be the case), but ultimately in fame in the future and in a blessed Eternity in Heaven.


We feel spurred on to write because no such Manual has come to our attention. We also write because while we can praise your efforts so far, we feel that you have only just commenced your mighty task. There is evidence enough that while the major part of the twentieth century was pre-occupied by wars between you all and the vicious disciples of the Jewish prophet Karl Marx, much of the twenty-first century and beyond will be concerned with the new war on terrorism.

You do not really seem fully aware of what still remains to be organized in order to set up a full-scale war against the Axis of Evil. You seem both to underestimate your deadly Foe, and perhaps still retain a lingering desire to be seen to be liberal, democratic, rulers in the western tradition.

Of course you should aim for this appearance. Your populations are not overnight going to switch from their old-fashioned adherence to the godless and liberal political systems which they were brought up in. But we would like to point out the implications of your grand undertaking and where it must lead you to if you are to win. So we will show you how to gain the necessary powers, political, legal and military, while keeping up a semblance of democratic and open civilization for your still too nostalgic a people, strangely wedded to an outmoded fashion from an earlier age. By examining the foremost proponents of those old-fashioned views, the doubtful adherents to liberty, as well as the more realistic and useful manuals on politics and war by great thinkers, we can synthesize a useful set of tools for your great task.

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