Friday, 5 January 2007

1:5 Do you know what real evil is like?

So it seems from your words and your actions that you take the threats seriously, but do you yet know how very serious they are? You talk of ‘Evil’ frequently, and it is clear that you see that what faces you is horrible, a vast and threatening attack on Our World. But at times we feel that with your rather materialistic backgrounds and lack of training in theology, you do not yet fully understand what a cosmic battle we are engaged in.

Our enemies are not just misguided political extremists. They are bestial, depraved and perverted humans. Indeed we should not think of them as humans. We shall give further advice on how to get your populations to think of them as sub-human, but in the meantime we note that you have started to make some progress in this direction (we have seen the photographs).

Your techniques of keeping those captured in tiny cages, exposed to the wind and rain and without privacy is a good start. The setting of dogs upon them as if they were wild beasts who were being hunted down is another good technique. By urinating on them as if they were toilets you show their sub-human level. By putting leads on them as if they were animals and pulling them around, you rightly indicate to everyone that they are just like a dog or cat. By making them commit grossly indecent acts with each other in front of you and with video cameras at the ready, you liken them to performing apes. These methods should, ideally, be extended to a much wider range of those captured. Beasts deserve bestial treatment.

Yet your materialism and watered down religion may make it difficult for you to realize that they are not just non-persons in the sense of being animals, but also that spiritually they are not humans. We do not mean that the majority of them are infidels – Chechens, Palestinians, Afghanis, Iraquis, Iranians, North Koreans – and so on. That is bad enough, but some of you are also not of the true Catholic faith, and your ancestors came from godless lands. What we mean here is that their inner essence, their ‘souls’, have been eaten away. They are ‘devils’, with devilish powers to threaten us. Their aim is not the political independence or fair treatment which they proclaim, but rather to destroy our very souls, to lead us in the pit of damnation, to take us from Christ.

Let us remind you of Evil. It is sleepless, pitiless, anti-matter. It prowls and schemes and hates. It uses secrecy, the night, the merciless logic of insanity. We cannot understand its motives, or listen to its words. All we can do is, in your language (and we shall return to refining that language later), to ‘eradicate’ it (like weeds), hunt it down, trap, kill and wipe it off the earth.

We must always remember that by joining with Evil, by making the fatal compact with the Devil, our enemies have put themselves outside the moral fence. They have had their humanity sucked out of them. They may seem like humans on the surface, but are really monsters, zombies, the living dead, vampires. Think of the Lord of Mordor, of Voldemort in Harry Potter, the Joker in Batman, of all your worst nightmares since childhood. And be in dread.

So, because they are non-human and out to steal our souls as well as our civilization, we must not flinch in our task. Christ’s empire must flourish, civilization must not sink. Exterminate all Evil. That is your task. Never forget it.

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Gabriel Andrade said...

I remember that when the torture pictures first came out, I was reading Tocqueville's "Democracy in America"... No matter how great a sociologist he may have been, Tocqueville obviously missed something. In London, I met a US Marine that was on vacations, but was excpected to return to Iraq. From our conversations (surprisingly, he was not too careful about his words), I quickly realized that, indeed, they are psychologically trained to consider the enemy sub-human.